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Welcome to Synthetase - pick your poison and enjoy.

This is my club, my pet project.  Right now, there's just art in here.  Eventually I'll be working on stories, both long and short, involving the five men who live in this little universe of mine.

Pick your poison.

Aiden: A young, willful dancer.  He craves the spotlight, if only to be noticed.  Because of his job, he's a known bed-hopper, unable to stay satisfied by one man for very long.  His father is constantly after him to return home and join his advertising agency.  Despite their lack of agreement, they have an excellent relationship.

Loren: A former Marine, who took on the responsibility of running a security and body-guard agency from his step-father.  He's good at what he does, and is one of the best businesses out there.  In addition to that, he also raises his step-sister, Rayeanne after their parents were killed in a tragic accident.

Echo: A detective with a bad temper and bad attitude.  He's bounced around departments until ending in vice, for the time being.  When he gets angry and frustrated, he chain smokes like a chimney.  His temper is short when it comes to most people and situations, but he's got a keen eye, and has an amazing ability to clear cases.

Armando: The older of a set of twins.  He relies on brute force to get things done, and fiercely protects his brother.  Armando always opens his mouth before he thinks, usually digging himself into sticky situations.  He loves his brother above all else, more than a brother should love another.  He and his brother help Loren run his business, and are 'uncles' to young Rayeanne.  Their past is a mystery to anyone but themselves.

Marcel: The younger of the twins.  He is more thoughtful and quiet, analyzing a situation before he speaks.  He is able to manipulate people and situations as skillfully as the gadgets he plays with.  As a science whiz, he is an expert when it comes to security cameras and surveillance, making him an asset to Loren's business.  Like his brother, his past is a mystery, and he loves Armando more than he should.

Synthetase is the story of how these five men meet and interact.  They have futures that are separate, yet intertwined with one another.  Will they all survive, or will one fall and bring the others down with him?  This is the story of their lives.  Of their trials, failures and successes.  This is Synthetase.
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Submitted on
December 15, 2010